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Georgia Teen Institute Applications HERE

Georgia Teen Institute Applications are HERE–> GTI 2017 Statewide Registration Packet

If you are a member of the Bartow or Floyd Youth Action Team (OR you would like to be a member) and would like to go, it will be first come first serve with a maximum of 7 team members per Youth Action Team. You must get your application back to Christa Gilmore by Wednesday April 5th!

  • We will be attending WEEK ONE: June 12th-June 15th.
  • Transportation provided, all meals included, will be staying in the dorms
  • FREE
  • Drop off applications at either: The Bartow Teen Center (140 Douglas Street Cartersville) or the Floyd Teen Center (16 East 12th Street Rome–Health Department)
  • Email scanned application to: christa.gilmore@dph.ga.gov

To learn more about what to expect, check out this “Day In The Life.”


GTI, GTI, GTI….Georgia Teen Institute!

FINALLY! Georgia Teen Institute applications are here! So listen up Bartow and Floyd Youth Action Team members! We are a scholarship team for Georgia Teen Institute, meaning our team goes to camp each year for FREE! No cost to you or your family AT ALL! We can take up to 6 team members PER team! All food, transportation, and lodging is provided!

DATES: June 8-11th


Bartow, you can slide your application off under the Teen Center door between 8am and 5pm at 140 Douglas Street and send me a text so that I know that it is there! APPLICATION DUE BY 5PM WEDNESDAY APRIL 8TH! Get your application in quick!

Floyd, you can bring your application to either me or Angie at the Floyd Health Department. Just ask for one of us at the front desk or come straight to our offices. APPLICATION DUE BY 5PM WEDNESDAY APRIL 8TH! Get your application in quick! FLOYD, feel free to bring your parents to the YAT meeting Monday April 6th at 6pm to give them more info!

This is going to be the best year YET and I can’t wait to take you guys to the best camp ever!

Click here for the application (fill out and return the last 2 pages): GTI 2015 Statewide Registration Packet_Final

Want to get excited? Want to be a part of something HUGE? GTI staff applications are here NOW!

Are you looking for a life changing experience? Georgia Teen Institute is more than just a summer camp, it is something completely special and unique! At GTI, we yell, like all of the time, and we sometimes we dance. You make friends with other youth from all OVER the state! You learn how to be a leader, make change, and be a part of something that is WAYYYYYY bigger than you or me! Interested yet?


Georgia Teen Institute summer camp STAFF applications are NOW available! Just visit GUIDE, Inc. website and download an application!All applications are DUE by January 6, 2014.

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