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World Hepatitis Day: July 28, 2015


What is Hepatitis?
Unlike many other infections, Hepatitis can be transmitted from various surfaces such as razors, toothbrushes, spoons, straws, and so much more.

  • Hepatitis A
    o Transmission
     Spread mostly through eating food or drinking water that has been in contact with feces of an infected person
     Can also be spread by eating raw shellfish that was harvested from contaminated water
    o Prevention
     Vaccinations
     Treatment within weeks of exposure to Hepatitis A can provide short term immunity
     Reduce the risk of exposure by: practicing good hygiene and sanitation along with avoiding potentially contaminated water sources
    o Treatment
     Hepatitis A only causes acute Hepatitis, meaning the body is often able to clear the infection within a few weeks, but Hepatitis A infections can occasionally cause additional health problems.
  • Hepatitis B
    o Transmission
     Transmitted through contact with body fluids (blood, urine, semen, saliva, etc.) of an infected person
    o Prevention
     Vaccinations
     Using Condoms
     Avoid Sharing Needles, Toothbrushes, Razors, or Nail Clippers
     Avoid getting tattoos or body piercings from unlicensed facilities
    o Treatment
     Antiviral Medication such as Alpha Interferon and Peginterferon


  • Hepatitis C
    o The Hepatitis C virus can survive outside the body at room temperature on environmental surfaces, for at least 16 hours.
    o Transmission
     Blood-to-Blood Interaction (Sexual Practices and Childbirth)
    o Prevention
     No vaccine available
     Avoid Sharing Needles, Toothbrushes, Razors, or Nail Clippers
     Avoid getting tattoos or body piercings from unlicensed facilities
    o Treatment
     Antiviral Medication such as Pegylated Interferon and Ribavirin

How is Hepatitis impacting humanity?

  • • Worldwide 400 million people are living with Hepatitis B or C
    • 240 Million people are chronically infected with Hepatitis B
    • Every year 1.4 million people die from viral Hepatitis, yet all of these deaths could have been prevented
    • Around 780,000 people die each year from Hepatitis B, including 300,000 deaths each year from live cancer caused by Hepatitis B
    • With better awareness and understanding of how we can prevent Hepatitis, we can eradicate this disease and save 4,000 lives a day.
    • 1.2 Million injecting drug users have Hepatitis B.
    • Globally, 67% of people who inject drugs are infected with Hepatitis C. IN some countries it is as high as 97%.
  • How can we prevent Hepatitis?
    • Vaccinating children for Hepatitis B is incredibly important
    • Risk of becoming chronically infected is as high as 90% for infants infected during their first year
    • The Hepatitis B vaccine is three or four separate doses
    • Hepatitis B is vaccine preventable. The vaccine can help protect against liver cancer.
    • Always demand safe practice and sterile equipment- don’t risj getting needlessly exposed.
    • Prevent Hepatitis: It’s Up to You.

Do NOT Share:

Bank Notes

Who is primarily at risk?
• Prison Populations
• People who inject drugs
• Close Contacts of people with chronic Hepatitis B infection
• People with multiple sexual partners
• Healthcare Employees
• Travellers to High Risk Countries
• People who have had tattoos or piercings
• People who have undergone invasive healthcare procedures with inadequate safety practices
• Recipients of blood transfusions


amelia Featured Youth Blogger: Amelia, Bartow Youth Action Team


Georgia Teen Institute Information

It is ALMOST here!! YAY! In 12 days we leave! So here is some quick info and an attached document with important information about GTI–>GTI 2015 Reg Confirmation Week 1

If you are on my Floyd YAT, then please be at the Floyd County Health Department by 8:30 am on June 8th!

If you are on my Bartow YAT, then please be at the Teen Center (140 Douglas St) by 9am!

It will take us about an hour and half to get there. We will leave GTI around noon on Thursday June 11th. That means that my Bartow YAT parent’s need to be at the Teen Center by around 1:30/2ish, and my Floyd YAT parent’s need to be at the Floyd Health Department by around 2:30. We will call parent’s when we leave GTI to give them a better idea of how we are doing on time.

  • Please pack as light as possible, since we will have to get luggage for 14 on the bus!
  • Make sure your parent’s have my cell phone number, along with the GTI emergency contact numbers provided on the attachment
  • DON’T FORGET: bed linens, pillow, toiletries, bathroom shoes, something red to wear on that Tuesday (shirt, bandana, hat, etc), phone charger, alarm clock, spending money (if you want to buy something from the GTI store)

If for some reason, something comes up and you CANNOT go, you need to contact me IMMEDIATELY!!!

I CANNOT wait to see all of your shining faces on June 8th! Get ready, get excited, GTI HERE WE COME! 🙂

It’s that time of year again! Welcome back! :)

Wow! Has this summer just FLOWN by or what?!?! It feels like we were celebrating the end of the school year, telling our Seniors goodbye, and getting ready to head off to camp at Georgia Teen Institute! Now it’s now to put on your new fancy school clothes, pack up your binder and pencils in that fancy backpack of yours, and get back into the daily routine of school. For some of you, this time of year is exciting and you look forward to seeing your friends everyday. For the rest of you, you just wish you could sleep in and not worry about showering (we here at JustUsTeens feel ya!). So, to help make this new school year transition as smooth as possible, check out this back to school checklist for teens:

  1. A full stomach. Eating breakfast before school will keep you from feeling sluggish and help you do better in class.
  2. Your favorite outfit (whether it’s brand-new or an old favorite). You want to feel comfy and confident on your first day back.
  3. Some good anecdotes about your summer. Everyone will be asking, so you’d might as well come prepared.
  4. A new haircut. You’ll feel extra-polished and hold your head a little higher.
  5. Your locker combination. Written down, on a piece of paper. Just in case you forget it. (Even the sharpest tools in the shed have been known to draw a blank from time to time.)
  6. Comfy shoes. Skip the heels or anything that hasn’t been broken in yet. Stylin’ shoes aren’t worth the blisters you might get.
  7. Gum or mints. Your breath will probably be just fine, but you don’t want to get caught thinking it stinks after lunch. Plus, offering some to the kid next to you is a good icebreaker.
  8. A piece of fruit, or another small, healthy snack, in case you’re dying of hunger in the afternoon. Knowing you’ve got it might also keep you from gorging on a sugary dessert at lunch.
  9. A fun picture to hang in your locker. Personalizing your space will make you feel more at home and give you something to smile about each time you drop off your books.
  10. Some deodorant. You might get nervous about your first day, and nervous people sometimes sweat. And hey, better safe than sorry.
  11. An open mind. A new school year means a fresh start. Don’t be afraid to be friendly to people you used to ignore, or join a new club on a whim. It’s your school year – make the most of it.

Speaking of good summer anecdotes, we here at JustUsTeens LOVE to brag on our Bartow and Floyd Youth Action Teams (YAT)! Man have they been busy this summer! As we mentioned earlier, in June we hopped into our rental van and headed off to camp at Georgia Teen Institute in Oxford, GA! We had YAT members from both Bartow and Floyd attend, not to mention 3 of our former YAT members as staff at camp!

During our 4 days at camp, we met TONS of new friends, learned a lot of new stuff from our diverse workshops, worked on our team building, and was taught all about how to create an action plan for our community. Georgia TI put it best:

“YATs follow the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) model while at Georgia Teen Institute and are encouraged to utilize Environmental Prevention Strategies. Teams complete an assessment of their communities by reviewing the Georgia Department of Education’s Georgia Student Health Survey and the Annie E. Casey Foundation KIDS Count data and identifying relevant community issues. YAT members then identify resources that their Team may have available in their schools and communities related to their identified issues. Teams spend a majority of their Team Meeting time planning the project identified through the Assessment phase. In the Planning phase, YATs pick a project, create a goal statement, make a to-do list and determine a budget. Teams also determine an evaluation method for their project to address the Evaluation step of the SPF. Throughout the process, YAT members work to ensure that Cultural Competency and Sustainability are addressed.”

In a shortened version, we identified an issue that teens face in our community, came up with a way to raise awareness and educate our community about this, identified our resources, and created a timeline for actually doing this!

March-July2014 463

More than anything, Georgia Teen Institute really pulls us together as a team! It is always amazing to see our members on the first day (shy, quiet, nervous) and to see them by that third day (yelling out the GTI chants, sitting with new friends at meal time, making tons of stuff for their Secret Pal).March-July2014 435March-July2014 427

It is always a sad day when we reach that fourth day of camp and go to our last general assembly. Lots of hugs and numbers exchanged later, and then we are on our way back to our community energized and ready to share everything we have learned!

March-July2014 465March-July2014 461

After a fabulously fun June, our girls from the Floyd Youth Action Team, jumped into planning mode for our annual Girl’s Summer Camp for middle school aged females. Our camp this year was held on July 14-17th at the wonderful Fielder’s Center in Rome, GA. I have to say, that this year was the best year yet! We had a Disney Princess theme (because who doesn’t love to sing “Let it go!!” at the top of your lungs?). Our YAT girls helped teach about healthy relationships, dating do’s and don’ts, makeup tips and safety, relaxation techniques, and incorporated some fun physical activities. We had some really awesome crafts that we made daily, and we swapped sweet notes of encouragement in our “treasure boxes.”March-July2014 625

March-July2014 623March-July2014 622March-July2014 626

After all of these inspirational events this summer, I’m ready for……..MORE (you thought I was going to say a nap, didn’t you?)! At JustUsTeens, we LOVE seeing our youth lead the way, stand up for what they believe in, and become role models for the generations coming after them. This has been an incredibly productive summer, and we can’t wait to see what this school year will bring! So, good luck on your first day of school and we can’t wait to see and hear about all of the wonderful things our youth are doing! 🙂

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