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FLOYD YAT Needed for Focus Group

Berry College Professor, Dr.Field-Springer, needs a few students from all Floyd County and Rome City High Schools for a focus group to be held on April 12th from 6pm-7:30pm in the Krannert Building, Room 105 at Berry College. A parent needs to attend in order to sign the consent form for the youth. If you are able to participate, please text Christa asap!

Focus Group Schedule

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 @ 6:00 pm 

Krannert Room 105, Berry College

6:00—6:15 pm   Parents, teenagers, counselor, FAD representatives will gather in Krannert Room 105. Travis will offer description of research, present guardian consent forms, and collect signatures of parents.

6:15—6:30 pm  Dr. Field-Springer will escort students to Room 108/109 for focus group. Mackenzie Ross will welcome the students, describe the research project, present assent forms, and collect signatures of students. Nicholas, Allyson, and Jessica will be present as focus group note-takers.

6:30—6:45 pm  Mackenzie will go over focus group ground rules and ask for demographic information. Mackenzie will ask warm-up questions.

6:45—7:15 pm Students will be given highlighters and markers and asked to offer feedback on the posters.

7:15—7:30 pm  Mackenzie will ask the final two debriefing questions.

 Focus Group Ground Rules

 * Be honest and respectful.

* Listen to understand.

* It’s okay to disagree, but do so with curiosity, not hostility.

* Be brief so everyone has an opportunity to participate; refrain from interrupting.

* Keep the discussion on track.

* Confidentiality, the views of others stay in the group.