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Woodland YAT brings awareness to Chiari 1 Malformation

As a Wildcat Nation at Woodland High School on March 15th, we came together as a wildcat family to support Maycelyn by wearing purple. Maycelyn attends our Woodland Pre-K Program and has been diagnosed with Chiari 1 Malformation. I am so glad that the wildcats came together to support her as she faces this condition. She has a strong support system and lots of prayer surrounding her. She is pictured below, with her family surrounding her.

  • What is Chiari 1 Malformation?
    • Chiari Malformation is the neurological disorder caused when the cerebellum (part of the brain) descends out of the skull applying force on the spinal cord. As a result of this compression between the brain and spinal cord, there is a disruption of the normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid.
  • What are the symptoms of Chiari 1 Malformation?
    • Headache (Most Common)
    • Intense Pressure in Back of Head
    • Balance Issues
    • Full Ears
    • Swallowing Issues
    • Chronic Pain
  • How is a Chiari Malformation diagnosed?
    • Patients will have an MRI to see if the cerebellar tonsils are out of position. Many doctors require a neurological exam and MRI results to diagnose Chiari Malformation. Currently, there is unfortunately not a single test that determines the presence of Chiari Malformation.
  • How do you get Chiari 1 Malformation?
    • Chiari 1 Malformation originally was thought to be a congenital condition, meaning that the condition would be acquired at birth. Even though this was prevalent in some cases, Chiari was also observed in patients who acquired the condition and were able to reverse the condition by removing the source of the problem. For this reason, Chiari 1 Malformation can be both an acquired condition and a congenital condition. Through further prestigious research, scientists are studying what triggers the symptoms of Chiari.



FREE catered event! HPV education

Monday March 21st, we will be having a FREE catered event at Heritage Hall (415 E. 3rd Avenue Rome, GA) to educate female caregivers and their daughters on HPV and the vaccine. RSVP by THIS FRIDAY March 18th!

  • Free
  • Catered
  • Raffle prizes
  • Educational materials

HPV flyer screenshot

FREE dresses and tuxes: The Dress Closet

Prom is right around the corner! Before you go stressing out on whether or not you can afford a beautiful new dress or to rent a tux, check out The Dress Closet in Rome, GA! 100’s of FREE new and gently used formal wear is available! Don’t miss out on an important night of your life just because you have nothing to wear.

All you need to do is call and set up an appointment, show up, try on whatever you like and then take it home FREE! See below for more information 🙂


GA Teen Institute Team Applications AVAILABLE NOW!

ATTENTION: Bartow and Floyd Youth Action Team Members

Team Applications are now AVAILABLE! A few things that you need to know:

  • We are going June 14th-17th (please do not apply unless you are actually available for these dates).
  • There is no cost for you.
  • We will provide the transportation.
  • We will stay in the dorms on campus at Emory’s campus in Oxford, GA (about an hour-1.5 hours away).
  • You MUST be a member of the Bartow or Floyd YAT in order to apply.
  • You need to complete pages 10-11, COMPLETELY before turning it in.
  • I must have all applications NO LATER than April 1st.
  • We can only take up to 6 members from each team **Depending on how many apply and how many Adult chaperones we must take, this number may fluctuate.
  • For more information about the camp:
  • Bartow Team Members: You may drop off your application at 140 Douglas Street and put it under the door of the room we meet in (Teen Center). The building is typically unlocked Monday-Thursday 8-5pm, and Friday 8-1 pm. You MUST text me at 770-546-9510 at the time you drop it off so that I know who the first 6 applications are! All additional applications turned in, will be put on the waiting list.
  • Floyd Team Members:  You may drop off your application at 16 East 12th Street (Floyd Health Dept), and leave it with someone at the front desk and tell them that it is for “Christa Gilmore.”  The building is unlocked Monday-Thursday 8-5pm, and Friday 8-2 pm. You MUST text me at 770-546-9510 at the time you drop it off so that I know who the first 6 applications are! All additional applications turned in, will be put on the waiting list.

GTI 2016 Statewide Registration Packet_FINAL