10 Tips for a SUCCESSFUL school year

• Plan accordingly. Always use your time wisely. It is best to have a day planner, so you can organize all assignments as well as extracurricular activities.
• Staying Organized is key. When you open your backpack, you shouldn’t just shove papers down in the bottom. Instead, use a binder with dividers to separate the different subjects.
• Take school seriously. Try your best on every assignment, even if not taken up for a grade. Colleges look at your GPA, but they also look at your work ethic by observing your course section.
• Get involved at your school. There are so many great clubs and organizations you can be a part of. Just keep in mind, you must be able to find a balance between your academics and extra circular activities.
• Join a sport. By being a part of team, you can learn many leadership skills, just by interacting with people who are self-motivated and dedicated.
• Figure out what you are passionate about. Maybe its music or pottery. Whatever interests you, be involved. Try new things, don’t be scared go out of your comfort zone.
• Make strong friendships. The people who you surround yourself will determine your success and your attitude. Please be sure you create a positive working environment for yourself.
• Don’t procrastinate like ever. If there is a five page essay due on Friday, don’t wait until Thursday night to start it. This is a huge issue among teenagers these days. Sometimes, procrastination can create anxiety, which could have been avoided.
• Eat healthy. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should all be healthy meals, rich in fruits, vegetable, and whole grains. Eating healthy is key to having a successful school year because you must have energy to be attentive in the classroom.
• Rest. Although some students get caught up in due dates for assignments, it is crucial for you to get a good night’s rest. Instead of staying up cramming for a test, you should go to sleep at a decent time, so you can wake up early the next morning to look over the material just one more time. school tips school tips1


Featured Youth Blogger: Amelia, Bartow Youth Action Team


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