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ATTENTION: Bartow YAT members, missed mtg 8.18.15

We have kicked off the new school year with big plans and ideas! If you missed the first meeting (8.18.15) and want to continue participating with the YAT, then you need to read over the attached agenda and new expectations and take the quiz (click here) BY AUGUST 31st! If you have any questions, please contact me at here for the agenda: 8.17.15 BYAT agenda logo


10 Tips for a SUCCESSFUL school year

• Plan accordingly. Always use your time wisely. It is best to have a day planner, so you can organize all assignments as well as extracurricular activities.
• Staying Organized is key. When you open your backpack, you shouldn’t just shove papers down in the bottom. Instead, use a binder with dividers to separate the different subjects.
• Take school seriously. Try your best on every assignment, even if not taken up for a grade. Colleges look at your GPA, but they also look at your work ethic by observing your course section.
• Get involved at your school. There are so many great clubs and organizations you can be a part of. Just keep in mind, you must be able to find a balance between your academics and extra circular activities.
• Join a sport. By being a part of team, you can learn many leadership skills, just by interacting with people who are self-motivated and dedicated.
• Figure out what you are passionate about. Maybe its music or pottery. Whatever interests you, be involved. Try new things, don’t be scared go out of your comfort zone.
• Make strong friendships. The people who you surround yourself will determine your success and your attitude. Please be sure you create a positive working environment for yourself.
• Don’t procrastinate like ever. If there is a five page essay due on Friday, don’t wait until Thursday night to start it. This is a huge issue among teenagers these days. Sometimes, procrastination can create anxiety, which could have been avoided.
• Eat healthy. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should all be healthy meals, rich in fruits, vegetable, and whole grains. Eating healthy is key to having a successful school year because you must have energy to be attentive in the classroom.
• Rest. Although some students get caught up in due dates for assignments, it is crucial for you to get a good night’s rest. Instead of staying up cramming for a test, you should go to sleep at a decent time, so you can wake up early the next morning to look over the material just one more time. school tips school tips1


Featured Youth Blogger: Amelia, Bartow Youth Action Team

Back to School Fun!


As school abruptly approaches, many teenagers are searching for a flawless wardrobe, school supplies, and other items to assure another school year is successful. During this stressful time, countless teenagers regret the end of summer vacation and the beginning of another prosperous school year. One way to relieve this stress is to focus on accumulating the required school supplies. In elementary school, the teachers always encouraged the usual supplies such as scissors, glue, crayons, and pencils, but in middle/high school, numerous teenagers loose the excitement over opening the packages of their new school supplies. To liven up the beginning of a brand new school year, I have done some research to uncover some fun ways to embellish your school supplies. Back to School Crafts are a great way to release anxiety and stress right before school starts. This link has a great deal of fun Back to School Crafts to decorate anything from converse to composition books. Just because I love glitter and sequins, I am going to highlight one craft that especially middle school girls will definitely need to check out! To fulfill your role as being a teenage princess, you will most definitely want to create a do it yourself chandelier to display in your locker. While recycling old costume jewelry, you can create an elaborate crystal locker chandelier. Again, please be sure to check out these do it yourself Back to School Crafts, because they are the perfect afternoon activity!

amelia Featured Youth Blogger: Amelia, Bartow Youth Action Team