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Georgia Teen Institute Information

It is ALMOST here!! YAY! In 12 days we leave! So here is some quick info and an attached document with important information about GTI–>GTI 2015 Reg Confirmation Week 1

If you are on my Floyd YAT, then please be at the Floyd County Health Department by 8:30 am on June 8th!

If you are on my Bartow YAT, then please be at the Teen Center (140 Douglas St) by 9am!

It will take us about an hour and half to get there. We will leave GTI around noon on Thursday June 11th. That means that my Bartow YAT parent’s need to be at the Teen Center by around 1:30/2ish, and my Floyd YAT parent’s need to be at the Floyd Health Department by around 2:30. We will call parent’s when we leave GTI to give them a better idea of how we are doing on time.

  • Please pack as light as possible, since we will have to get luggage for 14 on the bus!
  • Make sure your parent’s have my cell phone number, along with the GTI emergency contact numbers provided on the attachment
  • DON’T FORGET: bed linens, pillow, toiletries, bathroom shoes, something red to wear on that Tuesday (shirt, bandana, hat, etc), phone charger, alarm clock, spending money (if you want to buy something from the GTI store)

If for some reason, something comes up and you CANNOT go, you need to contact me IMMEDIATELY!!!

I CANNOT wait to see all of your shining faces on June 8th! Get ready, get excited, GTI HERE WE COME! 🙂