May Madness

It’s finally May! Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and our Youth Action Teams have been busy promoting this month’s awareness campaigns!

First up, we have been encouraging our youth to take the National Day Quiz at in honor of Nation Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. If you have NEVER been to StayTeen, you are missing out! It is an awesome website geared toward teens and filled with a wealth of information and resources, along with some really cool games. In addition, we’ve been handing out what I consider to be the best pens EVER, again to promote the National Day Quiz.


Something different that we chose to do this year, was to create a stall poster to put up in the school bathrooms, with an encouraging positive message about how far we have came in reducing rates of teen pregnancy. Since the 1990’s, in Floyd County we have reduced our teen pregnancy rates by 55%, and in Bartow County we have reduced our rates by 60%!!! How awesome is that? 🙂

May is also Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month, and so in collaboration with Lookout Mountain Care Management and a lot of other fabulous community resources, our Floyd Youth Action Team participated in a Flash Mob at the annual Mental Health Awareness community event. The song they danced to was Pharell’s “Happy” and while everyone may not have known every step, everyone was certainly HAPPY and had a great time!!!

MH2014-2 MH2014-3

Here at Just Us Teens, we hope that you are enjoying this beautiful warm weather, and we look forward to many more upcoming events! We have amazing Seniors who will be graduating in a matter of weeks, going off to make their difference in the world, and we have two teams going to Georgia Teen Institute’s Leadership Camp in June to help create action plans in order to make a difference in our Counties! How exciting it all is 🙂



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