Floyd YAT Member Promotes Healthier Prom Season

One of the most exciting times for students in high school, especially the Juniors and Seniors, is the annual prom. As many know, the traditional prom consists of taking pictures, eating, and then going to dance. Something I have recently noticed as a high school student is the rise in alcohol and drug use on prom nights. Why is it necessary to participate in illegal activity in order to have a good time with either a group of friends or ones significant other? It should be a time to celebrate with your student body, not to lose brain cells or be put at health risk while breaking laws.

Now you may ask, how can I have a good time on prom night without “turning up?” It’s quite simple actually. Surround yourself with a good core group of friends that you know will not participate in any illegal activities and just have fun. While pictures and going to eat prior to prom is not a time that these illegal activities could occur, make sure you are with this group of good friends during prom or right after.

So here is the situation: prom has come to a close and you are leaving, what do you do? There are several different options that will be fun without any harm occurring. For example, going to eat ice cream or frozen yogurt, going to get a snack, going swimming (with parent supervision), etc. It may just be my opinion, but I would choose any of these options which would result in long lasting memories over just a temporary buzz that you won’t remember. Of course there is a curfew that teenagers must obey, but don’t let that limit your fun! Just plan your schedule out so you can ensure that you will be home safe and sound prior to curfew.

High school is the time in life when you make memories that you can look back on in 20 years and think about with a smile shining across your face; prom is the pinnacle of those memories so make sure that prom is one of the best nights to REMEMBER. If you drink or do drugs, that’s not memorable! Do something with your friends or significant other that is safe and enjoy your night!


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Written by Thomas Herrin. He is currently a Junior at Armuchee High School and a 2 year member of Floyd Youth Action Team.

Written by Thomas Herrin. Thomas is currently a Junior at Armuchee High School and  he is a 2 year member of the Floyd Youth Action Team.


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